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LTspice Assignment

LTspice Assignment
Task 1- Working with Interface
● Once you have successfully installed and got familiar with the UI, create a
schematic and simulate the following circuit –
● You should get the following output. While running the simulation set the
following parameters –
Stop time – 10ms
DC Supply voltage starts at 0
Use cursors to show the blue lines in the graph, label the axes.
Task 2- 4 bit - Adder Subtractor
In Digital Circuits, A Binary Adder-Subtractor is one which is capable of both addition
and subtraction of binary numbers in one circuit itself. The operation being performed
depends upon the binary value the control signal holds. It is one of the components of
the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).
This Circuit Requires prerequisite knowledge of XOR Gate, Binary Addition and
Subtraction, Full Adder.
The following link contains the information about 3 bit Adder-Subtractor, use it to build 4
Bit adder subtractorhttps://www.javatpoint.com/binary-adder-subtractor-in-digital-electronics