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My name is Philomena Ikereve, the Research/Planning Officer of Gender Equality
Our project of media campaign and advocacy against gender discrimination, aims
at voicing up and advocating against issues (injustice) related to gender violence
through a news blogger site, facebook live events, Gender Equality Club RadioShow and other social media as well as digital animation training skills and
economic Empowerment for 20 young girls between the ages of 18-25 to use the
power of the written blog, arts animations, to tell the world about the issues that
they care about most.
Before COVID-19, women & girls faced various gender-based violence and
harassment (GBVH), such as sexual assault, rape, discrimination, stigmatization
and other domestic violence. The covid-19 pandemic outbreak has been further
exacerbating women/girls’ exclusion and marginalization in Gboko. These
scenarios needs to be addressed now and in the Post Covid-19, of which would
improve parity relative to the gender-regressive one if this project is
While I’m talking, another female right is violated and many others are being
discriminated. While I’m talking, another woman is stigmatized and another
mother lost in a family forever. We at GEC are resilient and have
energy/committed to make change but only if we are supported.
Thank you