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1)Daily air monitoring ( O2, CO, VOC)
2) Silica ( Toxic substance monitoring) record
3) OHS committee meeting with minutes ( Monthly)
4) EHS inspection/ Safety audit
5) First content monitoring record/ Fist aid usage record
6) Incident reporting ( incident record)
7) Licences ( NEA/SCDF/ EMA/MOM)
8) Noise monitoring
9) Eye wash/ Emergency shower monitoring/ maintenance record
10) Contactor safety record ( OHS policy acknowledgement form before the commencement of
work/activity) along with PO.
11) Destruction record for the waste chemicals
12) Respirator cartridge change record
13) Fume cupboard maintenance record
14) Hazardous substances and flammable minimum level monitoring record.
15) First aiders licence renewal
16) Fire warden licences renewal
17) Current OHS committee org chart/ appointments including workers rep.
18) Risk assessment
19) Covid risk managements/ measures
20) Spill kid content monitoring record.
21) Floor plan update with escape plan
22) Safety related training
23) Fire drill/ Chemical spillage drills.
24) Medical examination for silica exposure
25) PPE Gowning procedure
26) R&O for equipment
17) Departmental objectives format
First aid cert
Risk management communication by Dawe and DAVID and others
Harassment and bullying in HR RA
Hazardous substance qty monitoring
Flammable monitoring
Yellow lines
Closing the safety inspection
Removing obstacles