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Pre TITRATION Lab quiz
1. What are the products formed in a strong acid strong base reaction?
a. Acid and Base
b. Sodium Hydroxide and water
c. Salt and water
d. HCl and H2O
2. What is true about the equivalence point of an acid/base reaction?
a. The number of moles of added base are equal to the initial number
of moles of acid
b. There are no reactants left in the solution
c. The pH is 7
d. All of the above
3. Which of the following is an acid?
a. HCl
b. Vinegar (acetic acid)
c. NaOH
d. A and B
4. An indicator is a substance that changes color based on...
a. pH
b. Sunshine
c. volume
d. density
5. What color does phenophthalein (indicator) turn in a solution of pH greater
than 7
a. Yellow
b. Bright pink
c. Dark blue
d. Colorless