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1. Computer devices are mainly classified into these types: Input, Output and
2. In computational jargon, hardware refers to: The physical components of a
3. When we talk about software we refer to: The programs run by the computer
to perform actions.
4. An example of an input device would be: Microphone
5. A printer would be consider which type of device? Output
6. Sensors, like a light sensor, are considered which type of device? Input
7. These are all storage devices: CD, USB Flash Drive, Hard Disk
8. ALU stands for: Arithmetic Logical Unit
9. The CPU and the ALU perform the same functions: False
10. Both RAM memory and ROM memory are volatile, that is, temporary. False
11. Flash Memory is an electronic non-volatile computer storage medium that can be
reprogrammed. True
12. The image below shows.... Different port types
13. The ROM memory affects how fast a computer can process information: False
14. RAM memory is a permanent bit of memory that the computer has since it's
manufactured: true
15. A Data Bus can be defined as: Communication system that transfers data
between components