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In today ’s fast paced world, computers have become the indispensable part of our life. We use
computers at homes, schools, banks, hospitals, and many other places. A common opinion among some
people is that computers can translate languages, so children need not study foreign languages any
more. Personally, I think that this opinion is not true, computers can not take the place of human beings,
and in the given essay, I will support my opinion with examples.
First and foremost, computers were invited by human beings. Programmers design and write
programs for computers. If programmers do not have enough language knowledge, they cannot write
efficient translation programs, and computers will be only a useless machine.
On the one hand, language is closely related to a country’s culture. In other words, if you study
English, you can learn a lot of information about English culture: English literature, English poetry,
English customs, English traditions and so on. You can also enjoy some English festivals like Halloween,
April Fool’s Day, and Christmas when people celebrate these holidays and have a lot of fun.
On the other hand, we can not deny the advantages of computers. We sometimes have to read
some foreign articles and materials in our study and work. Some translation programs can help us
immediately in some issues. For instance, we can search translations of some words which we do not
know their explanations or definitions. Thus, by the help of the computers, we can save our valuable
time for more important works.
To sum up, in my opinion, computers will never take the place of human beings as a translator
or an interpreter, because their ability is decided by the latter.