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FEB 40 hr Notice

40-Hour Mediation
Skills Training
April 23-27, 2018
The Metcalf Federal Building
77 West Jackson Street, Room 331
Chicago, IL 60604
*CLE Approval Pending
**This course is limited to federal agency employees**
Please register by completing the FMCS ”REGISTRATION for FEDERAL EXECUTIVE BOARD (FEB)
TRAINING.” Be sure to list each participant that will attend from your agency on page 2,
complete the payment information, and sign the form authorizing payment.
Email the completed form to Rozmyn Miller, Commissioner, ADR and International Services at
Deadline for registration is March 30, 2018. No cancellations will be accepted after COB PT on
that date. The maximum per person registration fee is set at $762.84; however, you will not be
charged until after the day of the program and the amount will be based upon the total
number of registrations received, not to exceed the $762.84 amount, therefore the amount
charged may be less than the $762.84.
Sponsored by
The Chicago Federal Executive Board
Training by
Commissioners of the Federal Mediation and
Conciliation Service