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Group Project Mid Term Requirements

Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Graduate School of Business
Mid–Term Assessment
Course Name: MIS and E-Business
Lecturer Name: Prof. Dr. Rasha Abd El Aziz
30 Marks (10 Content Analysis, 10 Technical Report, 10 Presentation)
1. Project Requirements:
a. A group of around 4 students, with a well-defined Group Facilitator
b. A technically written report should be submitted one week before presentation
c. A 15 minutes presentation is required, where all members should participate
2. Project Structure and Topics
a. The team should select an industry that has an IS/Web presence
b. The team should investigate two main organisations in the industry with one
local and the other international
c. The report should include the following topics covered:
1. Information Systems and E-Business applications used
2. Transaction types
3. Business/revenue models
4. B2B and Retailing issues
5. Marketing and Advertising in Business
6. E-Commerce Security and Fraud Protection
7. Electronic Commerce Payment Systems
8. Systems usability and functionality
9. Mobile Application
10.Recommendation to organisation (s) in the industry
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