Proceedings of 7th Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference

Proceedings of 7th Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference
25 - 26 August 2014, Bayview Hotel, Singapore ISBN: 978-1-922069-58-0
Sustainability of E-Business through Effective Risk
Management: Authentication of the Risk Driven ETransformation Model
Kasuni Weerasinghe1
Most businesses are currently enjoying the huge benefits brought by ecommerce to serve customer needs faster and better. Developing countries
too are adapting to these new technologies rapidly. However previous
studies identify that the majority of the e-business initiations in developing
countries fail due to un-identified risks. This is a follow-up research to
Weerasinghe & Arunatileka (2013), a risk driven model for e-transformation
in developing countries. With this paper we confirm that the developed
model ensures e-business sustainability through effective risk management
practices. The work is authenticated in the context of Sri Lanka.
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University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka, Email: [email protected]