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chapter 3

The Lord of the Flies Chapter 3 “Huts on the Beach”
Reading Quiz
___1. Jack is frustrated by his hunt on this day because _____.
a. the pig he kills is to large to carry by himself
b. his spear needs barb
c. his spear missed a pig by inches
d. none of the above
___2. Jack explains that sometimes while he is hunting he feels as if _____.
a. something is actually hunting him
b. no one really cares about how hard he is working to find meat
c. he was born to kill pigs
d. none of the above
___3. Ralph believes shelters are necessary because of the weather and also because _____.
a. the boys would be more civilized if they had them
b. he could control the boys better if they all had places to live
c. it would make the littluns less scared at night
d. none of the above
___4. Based on the narrator’s characterization of Simon, Simon can be described as_____.
a. a dark mystery
b. silly
c. absent minded
d. none of the above
___5. At the end of the chapter, Simon’s actions suggest that he is the only one who_____.
a. knows where the pigs hide
b. hates that they are stuck on the island
c. is willing to find good wood to keep the fire going
d. none of the above