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WHY Table Generic

The W.H.Y Method of structuring and
planning paragraphs
There are 3 sections to every paragraph. They are:
W- What you are going to write about (Topic Sentence)
H – How you are going to examine it /prove it (Body)
Y – Why is this important? (Concluding Sentence)
What is the topic/thesis point of the paragraph? One sentence or two
sentences only.
How you are going to back up the topic/thesis point - the details and evidence that
explain your topic. What extra information do you need to give to explore your
topic and prove your opinion/ideas? The type of detail needed will depend on your
subject, purpose and text type. There might be one, two or three points you could
look at in detail. There should be cohesive links or flow between the points.
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Evidence – analysis
Evidence – analysis
Evidence – analysis
Tie back what you have talked about to the topic and sum up your discussion. Why is all
this important? What have you learnt? Why does this answer the question? What is the
relevance/significance/value of the topic to you, to others? One or two sentences are