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Short – answer questions
1 a. Define the term Data Communications.
b. What is data transmission channel?
c. Give three (3) examples of data transmission channels.
2. Explain how a message is sent using a fax machine.
3. Why do you think pagers have been in decline over the past few years?
4 a. Explain the term video conferencing.
b. Describe how video conferencing can be used in schools.
5. Explain the purpose of TCP/IP
6. Explain why a computer on the internet needs an IP address.
7. Explain how the DNS systems works.
8. List the name of three web browsers.
9 a. What is a URL?
b. using an example, explain the different parts of a URL
10. Define the term search engine.
b. Give the names of three search engines.
11. Explain the difference between a metasearch engine and a search engine.
b. Give two examples of a metasearch engine.
12 a. Explain why someone may choose to use a specialized search engine.
b. Search the internet and find three examples of a specialized search engines.
13. What is internet banking?
b. Describe three advantages of Internet banking