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Skeletal System

Sophie & Ivan
Skeletal System
How skeletal system
• The bones provide a solid
frame to support the body
as well as protection for
internal organs. The bones
come together at joints
which allow for movement
of individual limbs as well as
movement of the entire
body in conjunction with
skeletal tissue and the
muscular system.
How other system
• The skeletal muscles connect to the
bones and work with connective
tissue at the joints to allow for
• The bones and muscles are
supported by connective tissue,
which plays an integral role in
structural support. Ligaments
consist of densely packed collagen
fibers that connect bone to bone.
Their high tensile strength keeps
the skeletal system supported
while allowing movement at the
Why the skeletal
system is most
• The main function of
the skeletal system is to
give strong support to
the body. The absence
of a skeleton in the
body, if imagined,
would give us a picture
of the body as a heap
of mass. Hence, the
skeletal system
provides support.
Interesting facts
• Our body have 206 bones
• Babies are born with 300 bones
• The smallest bone in the is in ear & longest one in the leg
• One bone isn’t connected to any other bones “hyoid”
How does skeletal system affect on teen body
Bone diseases
• Bone disease, any of the
diseases or injuries that
affect human bones.
Diseases and injuries of
bones are major causes of
abnormalities of the human
skeletal system. Although
physical injury, causing
fracture, dominates over
disease, fracture is but one
of several common causes
of bone disease