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6.2 mini-projet- Soy un:a canta-autor:a

Nombre: _________________________ Unidad 6.2 Período: ____________
Soy un(a) canta-autor(a)
GOAL: To demonstrate mastery and usage of the preterite –ar (regular or irregular)
Guidelines: general question: ¿Qué hiciste…?
Write a song that includes as many preterite –ar verbs.
Use vocabulary words from units studied so far: preliminary through 6.2 (NO
 You can write about any topic related to food, sports, family, clothing, friends, going
shopping, what happened in a party, etc.
 You must write the lyrics in Spanish, NONE in English.
 You can make-up your own melody, or use your favorite song melody to sing your
 The song is due on Monday, April 4.
 The song will be performed in the auditorium in front of your classmates. You can
choose to sing it with another classmate, but the lyrics are individual. Also, you can
play musical instruments, use a karaoke video from Youtube, or sing a cappella.
 Have fun!!!