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cell city

Step 1. You will be designing and building a city based on a cell. You can make a poster, a
3D model, a computer 3D model, or a Minecraft city
All of the organelles that we’ve studied so far will represent different parts of the city:
buildings, people, and objects.
Step 2. As city planners, it is your responsibility to make the final choices as to how the cell
organelles will be represented in the city. You will be graded based on these decisions.
Step 3. Together, give your city a name. You will also name all of the structures of your city
that represent actual cell structures.
Examples: The mitochondria could be named “The Mighty Power Plant,” and be
drawn as a power plant. The lysosomes could be named “S.W.A.T. Recyclers,” and
be drawn as a recycling truck with grenade launchers.
Step 4. As the city planners it is your responsibility to decide the best places to put your cell
structures based on your research of the cell and its organelles.
Example: The nucleus tends to be near the center of the cell, so you put your city’s
“nucleus” near the center of the city.
Step 5. Also, some of the cell structures can represent people, not just buildings.
Example: The nucleus could represent a group of city councilmembers who read the
city rules and tell everyone what to do.
Step 6. Once you have decided how each organelle will be represented, where it will be
placed, and what it will be named, you are ready to start drawing the final draft of your
city. If you are using small and large buildings, make sure you show the different sizes. If
People are in important part of your city, sketch them in as well (stick figures are OK).
Step 7. Draw everything including extras, such as trees, people, rivers, houses, etc…
Step 8. Work hard, do a quality job, and smile. It’s good for you (and your grade)!
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How will you represent these machines in your city?
Rough E. R.
Smooth E.R.
Ribosomes in the cytoplasm
Cell Wall
Golgi Apparatus
Central Vacuole
Cell Membrane
Your final project will be one of these options:
Physical 3D model
Computer 3D model (Google Sketchup, TinkerCAD, etc…)
Minecraft or Roblox city.
Directions for a Minecraft Cell City
• You’ll be working by yourself or in groups of 2.
• Your task is to build a city. Each building will represent a different cell organelle:
nucleus; mitochondria; etc... (use your checklist)
• If you don't have Minecraft, you can use Google Sketchup, or Roblox, or any
other 3d modeling app.
• You’ll add an identifying sign next to each building stating the name of that
building and the name of the cell part the building represents. For example:
“Bob’s Power Plant / Mitochondria”
• You’ll create a two minute screencast of your city and upload it to Google
Classroom. Instructions are on this site:
• There will be a scoring guide (rubric). If you build a 3d city that is poorly
labeled and poorly built, I won't give you very many points.
• For students who don't like 3d modeling on the computer - they can submit a
physical 3d model instead of a poster. See an example on this website: