Plant Cell Project

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Feb. 14 2019
Plant Cell Project
Learning Target: Students will create a model of a cell, labeling each part, and designing a key with the
definition/function of each part.
Your assignment is to create a fantastic, colorful, and accurate model of a cell. Your cell must be 3- dimensional
with front, back and sides. The model may be edible or non-edible. Extra credit for edible cells.
All parts of your cell must be labeled clearly. Suggestion: use toothpicks and pieces of paper to make little flags.
Your organelles should clearly represent the actual organelle. By just looking at an organelle I should be able to
tell what it is. Ex: Your nucleus should not be square. Your mitochondria should have a folded inner membrane.
Actual numbers of organelles found in real cells should be represented. Ex: Each cell has one nucleus. Plant cells
have one large vacuole. Cells have multiple mitochondria and other organelles. Be unique and creative! Use a
variety of appropriate materials
This website gives you great ideas on how to create a cell model:
This blog has images that will walk you through making the entire projects:
Plant cells must have the following organelles:
1. Cell Wall
2. Cell Membrane
3. Cytoplasm
4. Nucleus
5. Nucleolus
6. Smooth ER
7. Rough ER
8. Ribosomes
9. Golgi Apparatus
10. Vacuole(s)
11. Mitochondria
12. Chloroplast
Description Key:
Don’t forget to include a key with your creation. The key must have title and define or explain the function
of each cell part on your key. This project counts as a test grade. Your grade is based on cell accuracy,
completeness, creativity, neatness, and effort.