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HN 3.1

Dr. Hemin O Sheriff – Sess 3 – Lec 1
Face, Scalp, Neck
• Skin
• Superficial fascia
• Muscles of facial expression
• Blood supply, nerve supply, and lymphatic drainage
Skin and superficial fascia
-The skin of the face possesses numerous sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair in some
-Superficial Fascia lies under the skin, in which are embedded the muscles of facial
- No deep fascia is present in the face
Muscles of facial expression
-They are in the superficial fascia, with origins from either bone or fascia, and insertions into
the skin.
-They are innervated by facial nerve.
Head & Neck | 1
Orbicularis occuli
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Arterial Supply
Mainly from branches of external carotid artery, though there is some limited supply from a
branch of the internal carotid
1)Facial artery
2)Transverse facial artery
3)Maxillay artery
4)Zygomaticofacial artery
5)Dorsal nasal artery
Venous drainage
- Most of the venous return is back to the internal jugular vein, though some important
connections from the face result in venous return through a clinically relevant intracranial
pathway involving the cavernous sinus.
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Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage from the face primarily
moves towards three groups of lymph nodes:
1)Submental nodes
2)Submandibular nodes
3)Pre-auricular & Parotid nodes
Nerve supply
Head & Neck| 5
It’s a multi-layered soft tissue structure that covers cranium, it extends from supraciliary arch
anteriorly to the superior nuchal line, and external occipital protuberance posteriorly,
1. Skin ( hair bearing skin)
2. Connective tissue
3. Aponeurosis (Galea Aponeurotica)
4. Loose areolar tissue
5. Pericranium (Periosteum)
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Loose areolar tissue
Aponeurosis (Galea aponeurotica)
Galea aponeurotica
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Skin and Connective tissue
Blood and nerve supply of the scalp
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Blood supply
1- Supraorbital a.
2- Supratrochlear a.
3- Zygomaticotemporal a.
4- Superficial temporal a.
5- Posterior auricular a.
6- Occipital a.
* Veinous return correspond to the Arteries
Nerve supply
1- Supraorbital n.
2- Supratrochlear n.
3- Zygomaticotemporal n.
4-Auricuotemporal n.
5- Lessor Occipital n.
6- Greater Occipital n.
It’s a region of the body that lies between the lower margin of the mandible and the superior
nuchal line of the occipital bone above , and the suprasternal notch and the upper border of
the clavicle below.
Skin and Cutaneous nerves of the neck
• The skin on the back of the neck, and back of the scalp as high as the vertex is supplied
by posterior rami of cervical nerves ( C2-5)
• The skin of the front and the sides of the neck is supplied by anterior rami of cervical
nerves ( C2-4) through the branches of cervical plexus.
• The skin of the face, forehead and scalp anterior to vertex is supplied by branches of
Trigeminal nerve***.
Cutaneous nerves of the neck
Greater occipital nerve ( C2)
Lesser occipital nerve ( C2)
Great auricular nerve ( C2 & C3)
Transverse cutaneous nerve of the neck ( C2 & C3)
Supraclavicular nerves (C3 & C4) : ( medial, intermediate, lateral)
Posterior rami of C3,C4, and C5
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Superficial fascia of the neck
It’s a thin layer which underlies the skin of the neck, invests Platysma, and also embedded in it
are cutaneous nerves, superficial veins and superficial lymph nodes of the neck
Structures in superficial fascia of the neck
Head & Neck| 11
External Jugular vein and its tributaries
Superficial lymph nodes
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