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Clone Age Video Questions

Video Questions for Discovery School’s The Clone Age
Part One:
1. A ______ is an exact genetic duplicate produced in a lab.
2. A clone would have an exact copy of the original’s ______.
3. In ______, researchers cloned tadpoles.
4. A clone would have the same DNA, ______ ______, organ composition, and bone
marrow as its original.
5. 1 out of every ______ people have a clone—better known as an identical twin.
6. ______ is the world’s most famous clone.
7. Dolly was cloned using a process called ______ ______.
8. Dr. Wilmut’s team figured out how to force a cell out of its normal ______ ______.
9. Transgenics creates an organism with genes from two different ______.
10. In the future, transgenic animals might be used to treat human diseases through
proteins in their ______.
11. T/F The idea of creating a superhuman race is new.
12. As studies of twins have shown, both ______ and ______ play a role in shaping
Part Two:
13. T/F For organs we have two of (like kidneys), a clone would be an ideal donor.
14. At the University of Bath, scientists have created a ______ tadpole.
15. Shortly after Dolly, President ______ took steps to temporarily ban human cloning.
16. A cloning lab could be equipped for as little as $______.
17. T/F Cloning could be used by couples who are infertile or have histories of genetic
18. ______ deteriorates as it ages, making it difficult to clone dinosaurs.
19. Cloning is worse than ______ because of the mutations acquired and lack of genetic
20. How old was Dolly during the video? 1, 7, or undecided?