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Inform speech guidelines 2020

Speech 2020
Inform/How to Speech Guidelines:
Your topic area is wide open! I however suggest- Disease, Genetic condition, injury, or
Psychological disorder. There are tons of information out there and the speech makes for three easy
main points. Symptoms, how you get it, and treatment are an example.
o 5 extra credit points for talking about a disease that affects Africa and the treatment there.
Topics approved on ___________.
Graded on delivery/content/outline.
Thesis checked by _______________________
Outline needs to be shared in a google doc or emailed 1 day prior to filming.
Each speech must have a minimum of 4 sources that are current, credible, and comprehensive (3 C’s).
o Sources MUST be within 2 years.
Speech MUST be between 3:00-4:00 minutes.
During delivery you must tell the audience the date, source, and who said it. Ex. On January 4, 2020,
the Christian Science Monitor stated that China was facing.…….
Introductions and conclusions must be written out verbatim on the outline and follow what we have
learned in class.
You must have three main points.
Each main point supported by a minimum of two sub points.
You may take ONE note card up front.
Outlines MUST follow rules and format, which are on the handout. USE THE GUIDE!!
Grading Criteria- PLEASE SEE RUBRIC!!!
Your informative speech can be anything that you want me to inform me on. For example, it could be on the
emerald ash bore. It could be on the five themes of Geography. It could be on Christianity. It could be on the
history of the Ford Mustang. It could be about the Flash or Superman. It could be about Aberdeen. Things to
do, things to see, and things to avoid. It could be ways to survive this quarantine. 
The disease topic suggestion is easy to do if you are struggling with what topic you should do. Remember
whatever topic you choose you need to be SPECIFIC in your explanation.