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APR 22, 2020
Philip E. Tetlock on Forecasting and Foraging as a Fox
Accuracy is only one of the things we want from forecasters, says Philip Tetlock, a professor at the
University of Pennsylvania and co-author of Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction.
People also look to forecasters for ideological assurance, entertainment, and to minimize regret–such
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54 min
APR 8, 2020
Emily St. John Mandel on Fact, Fiction, and the Familiar
When Tyler requested an interview with novelist Emily St. John Mandel, he didnʼt expect that reality
would have in some ways become an eerie mirror of her latest books. And Emily didnʼt expect that itʼd
be boosting sales: “Why would anybody in their right mind want to read Station Eleven during a
Ross Douthat on Decadence and Dynamism
For Ross Douthat, decadence isnʼt necessarily a moral judgement, but a technical label for a state
that societies tend to enter—and one that is perhaps much more normal than the dynamism
Americans have come to take for granted. In his new book, he outlines the cultural, economic,
1 hr 7 min
MAR 19, 2020
Russ Roberts and Tyler on COVID-19
Tyler and Russ Roberts joined forces for a special livestreamed conversation on COVID-19, including
how both are adjusting to social isolation, private versus public responses to the pandemic, the
challenge of reforming scrambled organization capital, the implications for Trumpʼs reelection,
John McWhorter on Linguistics, Music, and Race (Live at Mason) 
Who can you ask about the Great American Songbook, the finer Jell-O flavors, and peculiar languages
like Saramaccan all while expecting the same kind of fast, thoughtful, and energetic response?
Listeners of Lexicon Valley might hazard a guess: John McWhorter. A prominent academic linguist,
1 hr 18 min
FEB 26, 2020
Garett Jones on Democracy (More or Less)
Why is Garett Jones willing to write books about risky topics like the case for reducing democratic
accountability? Is it the iconoclastic Mason econ culture? Supportive colleagues like Tyler? Those
help, but what ultimately gives Garett peace of mind is that heʼll never have to go hungry because he
1 hr 19 min
MAR 11, 2020
55 min
MAR 25, 2020
56 min
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1.3K Ratings
Targetsea, 04/21/2020
Manny CR, 04/16/2020
bruin1962, 03/29/2020
Keeps getting better
Been listening to Tyler Cowenʼs podcast for a
long while. His recent interview with John
McWorter was his most entertaining yet!
Raising the bar on himself once again. A more
Please bring John Ioannidis to debate COV…
Congrats on the amazing podcast!!
A Smart Person Interviewing Smart People
Once, when trying to select a slate of classes,
I received the great advice to prioritize the
quality of the instructor rather than the
subject being taught. The same principle more
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