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ASSIGNMENT biology tamasa fyffe

Name: Tamasa Fyffe
Grade: 10x1
Subject: Biology
Indentify Five ways you could use to determine if something is living?
Growth, Movement, Sense , Excreation and Respire.
What method do scientists use to classify living organisms?
Animals and Plants
3a What makes members of the kingdom prokaryote different from members of the other four
Prokaryote have cells that lack true membrane ,bound nucleus so their DNA is free in the cells.The other
four kingdoms have cells that contains true nucles.
3b Name the other four kingdoms
Protoctista ,Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.
State three difference between plants and animals
Plants make there own food with the help of a process called photosynthesis. Plants need more carbon
dixode to make food hence they take in carbon dioxode and plants have both cell wall and cell
membrane. While animals has to move around to find food, animals need oxygen to breathe which is
giving by plants and animals have no cell wall.
What is a species? A group of living organisms consisting of a similar individuals capable of exchanging
genes of interbredding.
Give two ways ro distinguish between a monocotyledon and a dicotyledon
A monocotyledon leaves have straight parallel veins and are usually long and narrow and seeds contain
one cotyledon.
A dicotyledon leaves have a net work veins and are usually a board seeds conatin two cotyledons.
Give 2 chracateristics of each of the following group
.Have one pair of antennae
.Have three pairs of legs
.Have gills for breathing
.Have fins for swimming
.Three middle ears bones
.Specialized teeth
.Have disegmented body
.Have special pairs of jointed legs