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8th Grade Bonding Test and Quiz Vocabulary

Bonding test questions
Why do atoms bond together?
To become more stable
What is the valence shell?
The outer energy shell of an atom.
What is the octet rule?
Atoms want to 8 electrons in their valence shell.
What type of bond occurs between a metal and a non-metal?
Ionic bond
What type of bond occurs between two non-metals?
Covalent bond
Polar and non-polar are types of what kind of bond?
Covalent bond
What 2 pieces of information does a chemical formula give us?
Chemical (Element) symbol and subscript
What do you call the little number to the right of an Element symbol in a chemical formula?
In an ionic compound the positively charged ion is always on which side of the chemical formula?
What type of bonding shares electrons?
Reactant- the substances present before a chemical reaction occurs
Product- the substances that are formed during a chemical reaction
Chemical reaction- a process that changes substances into new substances
Synthesis reaction – two or more elements or compounds combine to form a more complex compound
Decomposition reaction – the breakdown of substances into 2 or more substances (the opposite of a
synthesis reaction.