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Adrian White
1. Wilmot Proviso: An unsuccessful 1846 ban of slavery in the United States in the land
that was gained in the American Mexican War.
2. Popular sovereignty is the rule that the authority of a state and its government are created
and sustained with the consent of the people it will run, through their elected
representatives (mayor, governor).
3. The loyalty of a group of people to their section. State, city county, etc.
4. To separate a group of people from a larger group.
5. A person that has escaped from a place (usually trying not to get arrested or trying to
avoid punishment).
6. A book that gave insight to many people about how harsh and wrong slavery was. It also
changed many people mind about ending slavery.
7. Fake or exaggerated news or reports that is usually used to rile them up.
8. A territorial act that created territory for Kansas and Nebraska.
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11. An effort to deliver a message that slavery was wrong in which he entered slave owner’s
houses and murdered them.
12. A presidential election between Lincoln and Hamlin. (Lincoln's name was not on the
ballots) Many people say that that election was the main spark of the civil war.
13. A war between 2 sections of 1 country.
14. The place at which the first known shots of the civil war happened (the south attacked the
15. A legislation that added Maine to the list of free states.
16. A statesman and spokesman for U.S. slave plantations.
17. A lawyer who represented New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the congress
18. An attorney who represented Kentucky in the house and senate.
19. An American politician and lawyer
20. An American abolitionist and author.
21. Hamin’s competition in the 1860 election.
22. The opposing party to the Democrats.
23. The states that fought against the slave states in the Civil War.
24. The name that was given to Kansas during all the negative things and hardships going on
during the time including John Brown’s raids.
25. A group of 5 bills that stated the territory won in the Mexican American war were free