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psychology prsentation vee

The title of the psychology study I read was, "Does speed of Processing or Vocabulary Size predict later language
growth in Toddlers." The abstract of this article was written in one long continuous paragraph that detailed in
summary version what the content of the paper was discussing, this means that the type of abstract utilized here is
unstructured. The problem statement of this article is the following:
"Inconsistencies across studies, however, mean that it is not clear whether this relationship is causal or correlational,
whether it is present right across development, or whether it extends beyond word learning to affect other aspects of
language learning, like syntax acquisition."
This statement is basically saying that study has clearly defined the relationship between either speed processing or
vocabulary size in language acquisition in toddlers. This problem statement ties into the gap that the researchers are
attempting to fill, which is: is the relationship between vocabulary size/speed of processing correlational or casual in
relation to language acogzation in toddlers. The aim of the article is to 1.) determine if vocabulary size or speed of
processing is relevant to this study and 2.) then take one of those factors and determine if it's relationship is
correlational or casual.