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06 - Design Your Egyptian Tomb

Pretend that you’re a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. Part of being a pharaoh is designing your tomb before you die
so that the people will remember you as well as to ensure that you’ll live well in the afterlife. Your job today is
to design your tomb including what will be on your tomb wall and items that are important to you. It needs to
include how you ran the government, good deeds that you’ve done (or will do), and explanations for the bad
things you may have done (can be totally made up). If you get stuck think about the Book of the Dead and the
images we saw the tome walls.
You need to include AT LEAST 2 tomb wall drawings and 4 other items that will go in your tomb. As well as
the drawings you need to include a 1 sentence description of how it describes your rule as a pharaoh.