120 words about Tutankhamen

120 words about Tutankhamen
Tutankhamen was a pharaoh of ancient
Egypt in the 1300s b.c.
He became pharaoh when he was still a
child and died at 19 years old.
He is famous today because of the many
treasures found inside his tomb.
His burial tomb is one of the few that was
discovered with everything still in it. It was
common for tomb raiders to steal all of the
treasures, however, this tomb was not located
and we got to learn more about Pharoah Tut
through his tomb treasures.
He became unpopular with the people of Egypt
and the priests of the many temples, especially
when he destroyed the images of all of the
other gods. He changed the entire religion of
Ancient Egypt to worship only the sun god Aten.