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Costal Erosion is a natural process
which shapes shorlines by the
wearing away of costal land or
beaches, mainly by the impact of
wavesalong the shorline.
Causes of Costal Eroison
-wind driven water
-ground water
Effects of Costal Erosion
When coupled with deposition,
costal erosion creates and
continuously modifies the
different landforms of the
transitional sedimentary
environment. Costal erosion only
becomes a concern when it
poses as threat to the safety of
humans and infrastructure .
Costal erosion is accentuated
during storms that carry waves
with a lot of energy.
Costal erosion could modify the
landscape and possibly cause
damage gradually over a season
or after many years.
Managing Costal Erosion
- Preservation of and restriction of
activities and development in natural
protective features (dunes, beaches)
- Regulating costal erosion protection
structures to ensure that protective
features are not damage.
- Prohibiting construction in areas of
active costal erosion and in areas
within reach of costal storms.
- Restricting development of public
utilities in areas prone to coastal
erosion to discourage new
development in these areas.
- Building coastal erosion protection
structures only when and where
necessary (to prevent loss of lives
and property)