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BSBMKG502.AURAMA006 portfolio

BSBMKG502/AURAMA006 Portfolio tasks
You will Answer these questions on the BBQfun. You must address the key characteristics of the product and
estimate their significance to the market, the promotion methods and each component of the marketing mix.
Assess the marketing mix that BBQfun has selected for its specific market and evaluate their combined contribution
to the organisation’s marketing objectives and strategies.
The current marketing mix
1. What are the components of the marketing mix? Briefly explain each and the way they interact with each
2. Identify the key characteristics of their products and services and their significance to the market.
3. What is BBQfun’s pricing policy. What pricing variables can they use and how would these impact on
4. Analyse promotional methods
5. Review the channels of distribution
6. What external factors affect the components of the marketing mix. List and explain the impact that they
7. What are BBQfun’s marketing objectives?
8. What is BBQfun’s target market? What does BBQfun do to try to reach their customers in each of the
target markets?
9. What level of customer service do BBQfun provide?
10. Identify consumer priorities, needs and preferences and the way they impact the marketing mix.
Changing the marketing mix
Senior management at BBQfun have determined to develop the new marketing opportunity that has been
identified of e-commerce. You have now been asked to analyse how this change will impact on the whole of
the marketing mix and the business goals of BBQfun. Discuss the effects of this change.
This part of the assessment should be very thorough and be at least 300 words long.
Will this change fit in with BBQfun’s business goals and objectives?
Devise a test to see what effects this change would have?
How would you analyse the results of your test?
How will this change impact on each component of the marketing mix?