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Business Solution for eSales Analyst

Business Solution for Retail Business
The activity of making one’s living by producing or buying and selling products such as goods
and services is called business. Business run with a number of customers, suppliers & Retailer
Retail is a person who connected with medium or large organization to supplies goods to
Due to tough market competition it become difficult to stand still. Retailer need to offer multi
product with the level of customers and supplier satisfaction. To have a better understanding of
business inflow and outflow Retailer always feel a deficiency of a perfect solution for the
According to Qoura (Online Website for exchanging Information) The top problems, which
Retail Business face are:
1. Lack of Employee Continuity: - Retailers generally face the problem of employee
discontinuity, which somewhere hampers their workflow.
2. Inventory Management: - Managing inventory to keep a track of products sold,
remaining stock, product damaged, etc. is essential, but managing everything on own is
a complex task.
3. Accounting and bookkeeping: - Most of the retailers sometimes forget about their
books including revenue generated, daily sales, etc. which leads to business failure.
Therefore, you can outsource accounting of retail business to the professionals who can
manage inventory, keep a record of invoices, daily transactions, payroll, etc., in a better
way and you can utilize your time well in increasing your customer base and sales.
4. Technology: - In the modern technological era, many software's are introduced to ease
your work. But still, there are many businessmen who use traditional methods.
If your business record has some errors so what happen? Obviously you face loss! Is it fair for your small
business? Is answer no, then you have to think about it your business to make record transparent and
accurate. But it is simple, innovation in technology give us solution of such problems like business
software, just choose best business software such as Point of sale which help you in:
Data security
No labor cost
Accurate record keeping
Quick decision making
Quick business analysis
Time saving
Keeping record for long time
eSales Analyst is a prefect Point of Sale (POS) software use to manage small level businesses. It
is essential for success, productivity, accuracy, efficiency and reliability of business. eSales Analyst
(POS) is a retail software and suitable for all type of retail shops for example General Shop, Marts,
Bakery, Boutiques, Shoes, Jewelry, Clothes and Stores (Departmental, Medical, Spare Parts,
Electrical, Electronic, Sanitary and Hardware etc). By using this beneficial Virtual Assistant small
businesses can grow rapidly and become large, profitable and smart.
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Exportable report
Multi Payment method
On-boarding and sport
Multi user & Multi Language
Account Payable & Receivable
Cash register & Bank Statement
Purchase & Sales Management
Stock & Stock Retune Management
Active & Inactive & Low status of Stock
Customer & Supplier management
Bar Code, Cash Drawer, Printer integrated
Expenses Management
Profit/Loss Reports
Which business can use eSales Analyst (POS)?
eSales Analyst (POS) is a retail software and suitable for all type of retail shops for
example General Shop, Marts, Bakery, Boutiques, Shoes, Jewelry, Clothes, and Stores
(Departmental, Medical, Spare Parts, Electrical, Electronic, Sanitary, and Hardware, etc).
eSales Analyst (Point of Sale (POS) also available in Talagang, Chakwal, Mianwali, Bhakkhar and
as well as all over Pakistan.