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Color grading monitor by the best in the industry

Color grading monitor by the best in the industry
Get the most advanced monitors in the world with high tech solutions. Eizo manufactures the best monitors
available in the world today. Known as a revolutionary brand in the industry, they ensure that the monitors
meet all the requirements of the user. Their color grading monitor will show true colors to its perfection.
The Japanese company manufactures high-end display products that are suitable for business, graphics, air
traffic control, healthcare, industrial and Surveillance.
Eizo strives to create imaging solutions that can enhance the personal and professional life of people. The
professional monitors are used across various industries and they offer the best solution. Eizo has
incorporated the latest technology in their products and have more than four decades of experience in the
industry. The Japanese manufacturer has carved a niche for itself in the industry. The calibrated monitor is
equipped with a built in calibration sensor which helps automate work flow and is ideal for video creation
and post production editing. It also has color management software that ensures high quality and allows to
properly managing color in the work. You can easily carry out calibration. It has a built-in sensor that uses
the monitor’s look up table and builds an ICC Profile in no time. Known for superior quality and designed for
professional use, the monitor will enhance your work experience. You will notice that the display and colors
are exceptional and it shows stable color in only 3 minutes. Check out the entire range of monitors at Eizo!
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