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Eizo- The manufacturer of the World's most advanced monitors

Eizo: The manufacturer of the World's most advanced monitors
Eizo is a leading Japanese visual company, offering a wide range of the world’s most advanced high-tech
monitors ranging from Square Monitor to medical monitors with an exceptionally accurate image for hospitals
around the world. With over 45 years of technical expertise, Eizo is dedicated to developing innovative and
high-quality visual display solutions. For all types of high and reliable, highly configurable monitors, we are a
one-stop destination.
If you are looking for an ideal monitor that works best for your business, visit the Eizo dealerships located in
major cities of the country. In case you have some specific requirements, we offer extensive customization for
select monitors to meet the diverse requirements of various markets, including mission-critical fields such as
maritime and air traffic control. Our products are highly regarded in many specialty fields throughout the
world because of their accurate and stable image display. EIZO is based in Japan and is represented in over 80
We offer a high-end Teleradiology monitor, exclusively designed to meet the medical imaging demands of
hospitals. These monitors provide an exceptionally accurate image for hospitals and ease the process of
diagnosis. There are three categories in the RadiForce radiology monitors; monochrome monitors, color
monitors, and lastly the touch panel color monitor. To provide the best and latest technology to our
customers, we follow a unique in-house research and development production model, including the
production of our own printed circuit boards (PCBs).
The monochrome or Grayscale monitors are also packed with the latest technology and offer the best imaging
necessary for the business. There are 3 different models in the monochrome category, and all three have their
own unique features. Also, you do not have to worry about the durability of the products because our
monitors are kept powered on for thousands of hours and their image quality is checked regularly.
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