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EIZO - Advanced Technology that works better with you

EIZO: Advanced Technology that works better with you
Manufactured by the Japanese, Eizo is one of those companies that believe in quality over quantity. Having a
limited range in graphic monitors it still manages to produce the world's most advanced monitors with high
tech solutions. Delivering consistent results and sure to meet your expectations, Eizo brings to you the
performance in a crisp 4K display.
Coming to you with a non-scratch glass surface with the hardness of 5H, you can use the monitor for a long
period without having to worry about any sort of damage. This is also advantageous if one wishes to work with
styluses. The MS236WT features capacitive touch technology which is not only reliable but in comparison to
other photo retouching monitors, it is far smoother allowing for better drag and flick finger motions.
This is possible due to the calibration of the touch sensitivity to minimize the incorrect response. Some models
come equipped with a feature by which you can turn the touch on and off with the push of a button located
conveniently on the side.
While their hardware is wired to utmost perfection, their software is not lagging behind either. Eizo Monitors
come with a suite of their inbuilt software which promises solutions that you know will make your work easier.
The Eizo Screen InStyle is software that allows you to manage power, color, brightness, and even gamma
radiation by using the mouse instead of the traditional monitor buttons.
Speaking of the colors, grayscale monitors that are used in hospitals are specialized with an inbuilt grayscale
tone preset on the production line which is optimum for the reviewing of the medical images. To put in simple
words, EIZO allows you to express your thoughts and inspirations exactly as you envision and execute them
with utmost precision and perfection.
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