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Monochrome monitor and its evolution over the years

Monochrome monitor & its evolution over the
Monochrome or monochromatic monitors are nothing but CRT computer monitors that typically
display a single colour over a solid background. Widely used for digital display during the 20th
century, the monochrome monitors are similar to a black and white TV set. However, they were
earlier used in the office settings and generated only a single colour in each pixel, providing a
crisp and clear display.
With time, several advancements and variations were made to the monochrome monitors by
adding a few colours to offer a wide range of options. Some manufacturers offered monitors with
orange lettering's against a solid background or black lettering's on a green background. Further,
to enhance the degree of visibility, the monitors were installed with brightness adjustment
Today, monochrome monitors are replaced with colour, high-resolution and 4K monitors offering
a broader series of colours selection for images, graphics and text. You can still buy
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