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Earth, the Moon, and the Sun
• How can it be daytime here and night time
somewhere else in the world?
• In Canada, the time is exactly 12 hours
• If it is 11am Monday in Taiwan, It is 11pm
Sunday in Canada
• People used to think the earth did not
move and the sun moved around us
• Today we know that it is the Earth that
moves around the Sun thanks to Galileo
• When the Earth moves, it also rotates or
turns around
• Because the Earth rotates, night and day
happen in different places
• AXIS is a line that runs from the top of the
earth to the bottom
• The Earth’s axis it tilted (not straight up
and down)
• Earth is tilted at about 23.5
• Some scientist think that the Earth was hit
by a large rock that pushed it to the side
• It has stayed like that since it happened
• The earth rotates, but it also revolves
around the Sun
• ROTATE means to spin, revolve means to
go in a circle around the Sun
• The whole trip around the Sun takes
3651/4 days.
• The 1/4 day is why in February we have
29 days every four years
• The whole trip around is
called an ORBIT
• The world is divided into many parts
• The equator divides the Earth into two
parts: the northern and southern
• Why is it summer in one hemisphere when
it is winter in the other?
• One part of the year the sun is closer to
the northern while the other it is closer to
the southern hemisphere
The Moon
• The moon looks big from Earth but it is
much smaller than the stars and the Sun
• It looks close because it is about 384,000
km away from the earth
• The moon is about ¼ the size of Earth
• If the Earth were a basketball, the moon
would be a tennis