twice Are you a domestic animal? .

Are you a domestic animal?
Answer each question
twice, once without looking it up once after researching.
From where you are sitting, can you point north?
How long ago was the last full moon?
How often is the moon full?
What did you eat for your biggest meal yesterday?
What was each thing made of?
Do an Internet search for each ingredient and determine what it is, why it’s
in your food, and where it came from
In which watershed are you?
What does “away” mean when you throw something away (where does your garbage
From where do you get your drinking water, where was it before it was there?
About how many species of trees live here (Loudoun County)?
Plants?, Birds? Mammals? Insects?
On which day did it last rain?
What time today will the sun set (about)?
What was the temperature last night (within 10 degrees)?
Can you identify where something you ate today was grown?