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A Note from the Science Technicians

A Note from the Science Technicians
What is the first question you will ask as you enter a Science Laboratory…..
We are the people in the white lab coats who you will see around the Science department. It
is our job to provide your teachers with all the equipment you need to do your science
practicals and to look after the laboratories you work in. This is how you can help your science
teacher and us so that you get lots of opportunity to do experiments in your science lessons.
 Listen to instructions or read the worksheet carefully so that you
carry out the experiment correctly; this way you will not waste
resources and your experiment should work.
 Work safely – follow the laboratory rules and do not be tempted
to mess about with the equipment or chemicals.
 Be careful with the equipment you are using; much of it is
expensive or has taken us a long time to set up. The less broken
equipment there is, the more is available for everyone to use.
 Tell your teacher if you break something or spill any chemicals.
 When you have finished your experiment clear away carefully –
put your dirty and wet glassware in the washing-up bowl and
everything else back tidily where you found it in the correct
cupboard, tray or trolley.
 Put any rubbish in the bin and clean the area where you have
 Wash your hands after doing your experiment – there is a place
to wash your hands in every laboratory.
 Please look after your laboratory and the equipment in it, and
leave it as clean and tidy as you would like to find it.
If you follow these easy rules, you will find that on many occasions when
you ask:
Are we doing an experiment today? The answer will be
Mrs Bush (Biology)
Mrs Green (Physics)
Your Science Technicians
Miss Reid (Chemistry)