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due 3/10
Hello students. please begin by reading pages 102-105 and then......
1.Please research the Earth's Atmosphere (or "layers of the earth's atmosphere) and read
pages 440-441. Next sketch a diagram showing and naming each of the layers of the
atmosphere, show the distances as well, and major things happening in each layer, for the
troposphere include the major gases and their percentages found there. There is a diagram in
your book as well. (page 440)
please go to google or use your book, and find answers to the following questions. Here is a
website that might help a bit with a few of the questions
2.. What causes wind?
3. What causes there to be THREE wind belts in the northern hemisphere?
4. How do ocean and wind currents benefit the planet?....describe AT LEAST THREE ways
5. Where is the Coriolis Effect the most intense and why?
6. Why is the air at 60 degrees north latitude warm air rising? (when it seems kinda cold up