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The marketing director of Ghana DASCO Electronics was interested in studying the intention of
consumers to purchase new large TV set in 2020 and as a follow- up, whether they in fact actually
purchased the television. Suppose that a sample of 1000 household was initially selected and the
respondents were asked whether they planned to purchase a large DASCO TV. Twelve months later the
same respondents were asked whether they actually purchased the television. The results are
summerised in the table below
Planned to Purchase Yes No Total Yes 200 50 250 No 100 650 750 Total 300 700 i. Draw a tree diagram
to represent the information in the table. ii. Find the probability of selecting a respondent who actually
purchased a large television. Interpret your answer in a simple single sentence. iii. Compute the
marginal probability of planning to purchase a large television. iv. Find the probability of panned
purchase or actual purchase. v. Calculate the probability that a respondent actually purchased the large
television given that he or she planned to purchase.