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23 03 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020
Question of the day
Read the question together using the sound buttons to help you spot the
digraphs/trigraph. Answer yes or no using thumbs up or thumbs down on hands.
Recap Phase 3 sounds learnt using flashcards Speed Trial
game: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/member-only/Flashcards.html(username:
march20, password: home)
Write the words on separate pieces of paper/post-it notes: pain, high, yell, fear, goap,
wess, zeech, turg. Label two soft toys (one is Obb and one is Bob). Children to add
sound buttons to the words on paper and read aloud by sounding out e.g. p-ai-n. Then
decide if it is a real word or alien word and place by Obb toy or Bob toy. Obb likes alien
words, Bob likes real words!
Challenge: to write your own words for the game using some Phase 3
digraphs/trigraphs (see Phase 3 digraph/trigraph sheet in Phonics folder for support)
Literacy/ Understanding the World
Start to read ‘The Egg’ book (see copy of the book in Literacy folder). Question your
child about the pictures…
Where did the egg come from?
How did it get there?
What type of boy do you think George is?
How would you feel if you found an oversized egg at home or school? Afraid?
Pause the story before the egg hatches. Ask: what do you think might be inside the
egg? A very large chicken? An alien? An angel? A dinosaur?
Discuss: what animals do you think hatch out of an egg? What animals grow in their
Mummy’s tummy? Show children video about animals that lay
eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeCzAuLpSqQ (always supervise children
when using the internet). If time, you may wish to play the ‘Egg or No Egg’ game (see
PDF/Powerpoint in Literacy folder).
*We will continue reading the story later this week so please keep it a surprise for now!
Find four 3D objects (cube, cylinder, sphere, cuboid) in your home e.g. box, tin of
beans, ball, book and place together in a pile. Choose a soft toy and place it on the
floor. Say aloud instructions to your child ‘place the cube behind Bella’ (use the toy’s
name so it is meaningful for the child). Change instructions to ‘now move the cube so it
is in front of Bella’. Repeat with instructions using Mathematical vocabulary ‘next to, on
top, between’ with the same object then repeat with other objects.
Challenge: to say aloud the instructions to an adult and they move the toy accordingly.
Fine Motor
Complete two pages from the ‘Pencil Control’ workbook or ‘Cutting Skills’ workbook that
we sent home.
*Please see two new folders 'Mindfulness' and 'Stay Active' (when you scroll to the
bottom) for activities and ideas to keep everyone's minds and bodies healthy during
this tricky period.
*Do continue to read and share stories with your child. You might like to listen to
stories by the Author Oliver Jeffer's who is reading aloud a book a
day: https://www.oliverjeffers.com/abookaday/