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A platonic relationship = affectionate relationship of opposite sex that is not sexual
Infatuated with = romantically obsessed with
Besotted with = almost stupidly or blindly in love with
A man/woman after one’s own heart = sb you admire because they do or think the same way
Get on like a house on fire = have a very good, enjoyable relationship
Bosom friends/buddies/pals = very close, good friends
Kindred spirits = be similar in the way you think and look at life
Casual acquaintance = person you know, but now very well
Allies = countries which fight on the same side
Business partners = own the same business
Bitter rivals = in competition in an aggressive, negative way
Staunchest ally = able to rely on
Break down = cease to continue
A rift = serious disagreement that divides people
Discord = disagreement, discontent
See eye to eye = have same opinions
Turn sour = become bad
Split up = separate
Have its ups and downs = good and bad moments
A bumpy relationship = up and down like a car on road with bumps
A broken home = family split up by divorce
A family feud = quarrel in a family causing bad feeling for many years
Hate someone’s guts = really hate sb
Have it in for someone = speak badly of