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“Animal Farm” Vocabulary Set #1 (Print Version)

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“Animal Farm”: Vocabulary Set #1
Part I: Words in Context
Directions. Read the sentence. Then use the textual clues to infer the meaning of
the bolded word in the sentence. Finally, circle the letter of the correct answer.
Please make your markings clear.
1) Never choose your mates by their looks because the maxim about not being
able to judge a book by its cover is true.
a) Proverb
b) Virtue
c) Guiding rule
2) After being dumped by his girlfriend, Jack was cynical about dating other
a) Indifferent
b) optimistic
c) distrustful
3) Because he bought a new boat without telling his wife, dissension brewed in
the once happy household
a) Compromise
b) disagreement
c) agreement
4) Tonight, the president will expound on the nation’s preparedness plan for the
COVID 19 pandemic.
a) Explicate
b) create
c) suggest
5) Although Laura had a major in archaeology, she could not understand the
cryptic symbols on the cave walls.
a) Clear
b) transparent
c) mysterious
6) Some people have parasitical tendencies. For example, during this
pandemic, people have refused to go back to work and instead, have chosen
to simply live off government aid.
a) Leech-like
b) independent
c) empowering
7) The teenagers were quite dismayed, when they learned that all of the concert
tickets had been sold.
a) bored
c) upset
Name: ________________________ Year: _____ Date: ____________________
8) Since the girl spoke from the heart, the eloquence in her words allowed
everyone to completely understand and believe what she was saying.
a) Expressiveness
b) anger
c) Clumsiness
9) Since Charles struck out at bat three times, he is credited as the reason our
baseball team suffered such an ignominious loss in the state playoffs.
a) Prideful
b) disgraceful
c) Hilarious
10) The United States Civil War began when several southern states decided to
become a faction and form their own nation.
a) leader
b) group
c) individual
Rather than complain about the laws of your country, you should
advocate for them to be changed.
a) Support
b) dissuade
c) give up
Because of the rain, students are unable to gambol on the playground
during recess.
a) To conceal
b) to play
c) to destroy
Part II. Matching With Definitions
Directions. Read the definitions and synonyms, then write the matching word on
the blank line. Use the bolded words from part 1 to complete part 2.
1) To clarify by providing details; further develop. ______________________
2) Very embarrassing; shameful or disgraceful. ________________________
3) To jump or run in a playful manner. __________________________
4) Leechlike, freeloading, harmfully dependent.
5) A group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions.
6) Being articulate, convincing or expressive.
Name: ________________________ Year: _____ Date: ____________________
7) A disagreement that leads to arguing and discord.
8) To publicly support a person, cause or action. _________________________
9) When a person who is saddened, worried, or disappointed.
Distrustful, skeptical, suspicious. __________________________
Difficult to understand; mysterious and obscure meaning.
A phrase that is often used as a guiding rule.
Part III: Sentence Check
Directions. Fill in the blanks. Then write in the correct missing word, using teh
words from the vocabulary box.
1) Even though Hank had experienced many disappointments in his life, he did
not allow himself to become _________________________.
2) Although I disagree with my political leaders, I am not in such disagreement
that I want to break off and start my own _______________________ to
oppose their policies.
3) We expressed anger and ________________________ when we arrived at
the hotel after midnight and learned our hotel room had been given to another
4) If Jack had heeded the ________________________ and looked before he
leaped, he would not have bought the cheap house surrounded by drug dens.
5) Maggie does not ___________________________ the death penalty even
though a man killed her son.
6) When the boxer got knocked out in the first round, everyone knew it was the
beginning of an _________________________ defeat for him.
Name: ________________________ Year: _____ Date: ____________________
7) The graduate’s _____________________________ was shown during her
speech to the club due to her numerous lessons in public speaking.
8) The children in my neighborhood hinder traffic when they
______________________in the streets.
9) Freshwater leeches are _________________________in nature, feeding off
of the blood of fish.
10) Politics caused so much ___________________________ in the family that
the controversial topic was banned from the dinner table.
11) The kidnapper seemed to enjoy leaving
__________________________notes for the police.
12) The last time I made the mistake of asking my science teacher a question I
had to listen to him ___________________________ on the subject for
twenty minutes.