Written Expression -12 grade

Written Expression
Strategy: Topic T-Chart strategy
Age Appropriate – 1st-12th grade
Procedures/Steps: Students make a chart based on opposites in order to choose a topic
for writing assignments.
The following suggestions are provided:
 Like/Hate
 Typical/Unusual (things that happen on a regular basis and things that only
happen once or twice)
 Regret/Proud Of
Good writing topics come from strong emotions as in the case of like/hate. Make a
list of things you really like and things you really hate. (no people on the hate list,
(Things I really like a lot…favorites!)
(Things I really can’t stand)
Save your T-Charts for future topics
Pick topics you know a lot about
Pick topics you have strong feelings about
Pick topics appropriate to your audience (who is it for and is what you are saying
worth reading about?)
 Be specific (I like sports, but my favorite sport to watch is volleyball)
Peya, Steve (1995-2003). Teaching that makes sense. www.ttms.org