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Proteins Worksheet
1. What elements (atoms) are proteins made of?
2. Unlike Carbohydrates and Lipids, Proteins contain which element? _________________________
What types of food can you find proteins in?
4. What is the monomer of a protein? _________________________________________________
5. Draw the monomer of a protein below.
6. What is a chain of amino acids called?_______________________________________
7. These chains of amino acids are held together by ____________________________ bonds.
8. What is the byproduct of forming the bonds mentioned in the above question? ___________________
9. Draw a Polypeptide chain:
10. Amino acids can be split into two groups. Name and describe those two groups.
1. Name: __________________________________________________
2. Name: __________________________________________________
11. Why are there so many different shapes of proteins?
12. Proteins contain a very important element that we cannot breathe in, what is it?_________________________
13. If we can’t breathe in the answer from the above question, how do we get it?
14. Amino acid is to Protein as ___________________ is to DNA.
15. How many different types of proteins can be found in the human body?
a. Dozens
b. Hundreds
c. Thousands d. Millions
16. What part an amino acid’s chemistry determines the function of a protein? ______________________________
17. How many different amino acids are there? _____________
18. What type of catalyst is made of proteins? ________________________________
19. ______________________________ are made of proteins and help fight disease.
20. ______________________________ are made of proteins and help you feel emotions.
21. Circle which picture below represents a protein: