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Understanding Enablers and Processes of Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness and
Social Innovation in Informal Economic Space
Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness, an entrepreneur’s capacity to engage with their limited
resource base is central in adapting to various contextual constraints. While social
innovation focuses on initiatives that meet societal needs with the aim of contributing to
empowerment and social change. We believe that there is a lot common in resourcefulness
and social innovation practices as both aim to empowerment and resilience against
contextual constraints. With this understanding we aim to link and understand these both
phenomenon of entrepreneurial; resourcefulness and social innovation in this study. This
book chapter aims to understand the economic foundations of resourcefulness and social
innovation, with a focus on how resourceful informal economic activities can change the
lives of marginalized and disempowered citizens in society. Through qualitative in-depth
interviews this study explores the triggers and activities of entrepreneurial resourcefulness
in facilitating social innovation in informal economic markets in Pakistan. Comparing 15
cases, main enablers for altering social empowerment issues are identified as information
seeking, diversity in mobilized resources, collaborations, entrepreneurial readiness have
been identified. This research highlights two important characteristics of resourcefulness
as a) local mobilization of resources and b) collective nature of resourcefulness practices.
In light of these insights this research contributes to understanding resourcefulness as a
contextual phenomenon that foregrounds in collective local practices.