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air pollutants chart videos and questions 2020 (1)

Air Pollu on
Environmental Impact
Human Impact
Coal combus on
Industrial smog
Leads to acid rain- H2SO4 (sulfuric acid)
Respiratory irrita on
Fossil fuel combus on - cars
Precursor to photochemical smog
Leads to acid rain- HNO3 (nitric acid)
Greenhouse gas
Respiratory irritant
Cataly c converters
Incomplete combus on
Contributes to increase in atmospheric carbon
Low concentra on.---headaches
High concentra on---death
Cataly c converters
Coal combus on
Combus on of biomass
Leaded gasoline
Airborne paint par cles - leaded paint
Reduces visibility
Contributes to smog
Respiratory disease
Electrosta c precipitator
Can travel on prevailing winds – heavy metal deposi on on
soil and in water
Neurological damage- especially in
children & developing fetus
Global ban on leaded gasoline
Secondary pollutant—reac on of NOx
and VOCs in sunlight
Major component of photochemical smog
Plant ssue damage
Greenhouse gas
Respiratory irritant
Limit emissions of primary pollutants like
NOx and VOCs
Organic compounds that become
vapors - gasoline, perfumes, terpenes,
Precursor to ozone forma on and therefore component of
photochemical smog
Respiratory irritant
Prevent vaporiza on during fueling
Use alterna ve cleaning products/ limit
dry cleaning solvents
Coal burning
Mercury biomagnifies up the food chain and
bioaccumulates in organisms
Large cold water fish contain high levels
of mercury---when consumed can cause
neurological damage
Decrease use of coal
Combus on
Greenhouse gas----increase global temperatures
Change in climate---increase severity of
storms, rising sea levels
Decrease use of fossil fuels, protect
forests from deforesta on
Requires cars, sunlight, NOx and
VOCs----create secondary pollutants
Brown haze---poor air quality—hundreds of toxins---can
travel to the poles on prevailing winds
Respiratory irrita on
Decrease use of fossil fuels and decrease
use of cars---carpool
Coal burning
Gray haze---limits light---decrease photosynthesis
Respiratory irritant
Lung damage
Scrubbers, filters, electrosta c
precipitators, fluidized bed combus on
Secondary pollutant formed like
tropospheric ozone
Component of photochemical smog
Plant ssue damage
Respiratory irrita on
Limit emissions of primary pollutants like
NOx and VOCs
Secondary pollutant
Coal Burning—SO2+ water creates
sulfuric acid
Cars- NOx- creates nitric acid
Dangerous chemical found in many
materials used indoor
Acids damage plant ssues
Leach toxic metals from the soil
Lowers pH of surface waters and can kill aqua c organisms
Damage to buildings & statues (increase
Crop damage- loss of profits
Limit emissions of SO2 and NO2
Headaches, nausea, respiratory irritant,
and cancer
Use formaldehyde-free materials
Increase ven la on
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
Carbon Monoxide
Par culate Ma er
Vola le Organic
Compounds (VOCs)
Mercury (Hg)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
(Brown Smog)
Photochemical Smog
(Gray Smog)
Industrial Smog
Acid Deposi on
Naturally occurring radioac ve gas
seeps into buildings underground
Lung cancer
Seal leaks in founda ons and basements
Used in insula on and ceiling les in
older buildings
Fibers cause lung irrita on and cancer
Removal by professionals
Watch all of the videos-the last one may not work—you can google and find it –if you find it share—if you can’t I will go over the stuff in review—make notes
h ps://teachingapscience.com/air-pollu on-videos/
1. Find an example of when each of these pollutants has been a problem.
during the start of industrializa on
2. Which of these pollutants would be a problem in the greater Atlanta area? Explain.
sulfur dioxide industrial impact.
3. Which of these pollutants would be a problem in developing na ons? Explain.
lead new minerals
4. Which laws govern these different pollutants—you need to name at least 4 laws.
pollu on preven on law Toxic Substances Control Act Oil Pollution Prevention Act Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
5. Choose an indoor pollutant and explain the environmental, social, and economic issues with the pollutant.
carbon dioxide effects ozone makes cleaning more expensive
6. Choose an outdoor pollutant and explain the environmental, social, and economic issues with the pollutant.
smoge effects sigh and lungs pricey to fix when it effects healthy
7. Tell me about the London Killer Smog h ps://usat.ly/2Gd76eo
its deadly and can effect your lungs dras cally
8. Tell me about the Donora Killer Smog h ps://bit.ly/2DXWn5w
30 deaths a year were caused by it
9. Explain the difference in good ozone (where?) and bad ozone (where?)
stratospheric ozone is good ozone while bad ozone occurs in ground level
10. What are primary pollutants? Define, name 2 and circle them in red on the chart.
Carbon monoxide Mercury. pure pollution nothing added to it
11. What are secondary pollutants? Define, name 2 and circle these in blue on the chart.
pollutants made with primary pollutants and extra things added acid raid smog
12. Define VOC and color these yellow on the chart.
vola le organic compound
13. Tell me about Mt. Pinatubo and pollu on—temperature etc. h ps://bit.ly/2I5eB7F What has it got to do with climate change?
no rise in pollu on
14. How does ACID RAIN form and what does it do?
Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction that begins when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air.
These substances can rise very high into the atmosphere, where they mix and react with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form
more acidic pollutants, known as acid rain.
15. What is Thermal Inversion?
Thermal inversion occurs when a layer of warm air settles over a layer of cooler air that lies near the ground. The warm air holds down
the cool air and prevents pollutants from rising and scattering.
16. Watch h ps://bit.ly/2G8tLfP explain Atlanta as a heat island. What needs to be done to fix, mi gate?
plan ng trees
17. Draw and explain how a “scrubber” works.
A scrubber works by spraying a wet slurry of limestone into a large chamber where the calcium in the limestone reacts with the SO2 in
the flue gas
18. Define indoor air pollu on. Circle all indoor air pollutants in chart in orange.
burning of fossil fuels indoors
19. Name 2 indoor air pollutants for DEVELOPED na ons.
carbon monoxide nitrogen dioxide
20. Name a problem with indoor air pollu on in DEVELOPING na ons.
increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and of acute respiratory infections in childhood
21. Explain how to mi gate problems with indoor air pollu on in DEVELOPED na ons. (use the 2 pollutants you chose in #19)
installing chimneys
22. Explain how to mi gate problems with indoor air pollu on in DEVELOPING na ons. (use the pollutant you chose in #20)
allow more air to circulate
23. In your house—what indoor air pollutants could affect your family?
my mom smoking