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PPC Services Company Chennai –
Thanu Digital – A PPC Company – Our PPC Services
Bring customers to your website instantly with our Thanu Digital PPC Services!
Are you looking for an effective way to attract your target customers instantly to your website without
any extra effort? If so, PPC (Pay per Click) services are the best choice to consider. When you implement
the PPC strategies correctly, you can easily enhance your business position online.
What is PPC?
Pay per Click is one of the internet marketing services where the advertisers need to pay an amount of
money whenever a customer clicks on the advertisements. Individuals and business persons need PPC to
market their business online, but most of them don’t know how to get started and where to get started.
Here comes the vital role of Thanu Digital, the right place to achieve the Pay per Click Services
Pay per Click services are otherwise termed as the internet marketing form and stands for pay-for-click.
Thanu Digital is one of the experienced and world leaders of PPC services who have their services
distributed across Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi of India, Dubai, UK, Australia, USA,
and Singapore.
Currently, Facebook, one of the giant social media website has started providing paid ads just similar to
Google. LinkedIn and Twitter are also expected to offer these ads very soon. The vital benefit of applying
PPC on social media for business is that it’s easy to target various niche of users depending on the
demographic profile.
Google Adwords or PPC management service is the popular PPC advertisement system across the globe.
The Adwords platform helps in promoting your organization product or services to create an ad
campaign which appears throughout every property of the most popular search engine Google.
Adwords campaign runs on the model of Pay Per Click where the users will bid on the particular
keywords and pay a certain amount of money whenever the customer clicks the advertisement. Google
digs into several Adwords campaigns each when the search is started and selects a group of winners to
appear on the first page and the space offered for the search result page. The winners are chosen based
on several factors including the quality, relevance, keywords determined, the proposition of keywords,
size and other similar properties of the ad campaigns.
Thanu Digital’s Approach
Keyword Research:
The first and foremost essential criteria included in the PPC analysis is the Keyword research
emphasizing where some targeted and particular keywords are made to be optimized for the
businesses. The most popular and searched keywords are chosen for listed in the PPC campaigns.
Creating Ads:
The next significant attribute of a successful PPC campaign is the creations of ads. You need to make
people know about your business and provide them regular updates about your brand importance
regularly so that you can easily reach your goal.
Setting up an account:
The setting up of the PPC account is made as a secured process as a certain amount of money will be
deducted from your account whenever the customer clicks your advertisement. In this case, you should
do a fair pay per click to get the best results.
Tracking Installation and Testing:
Every business required instant results and profit, but this cannot be achieved through an organic
process. For this purpose, the business persons make use of the pay per click services, one of the paid or
inorganic strategies for enhancing their business growth online. The PPC campaigns created help
capture the attention of the targeted and prospective customers.
Launching the PPC Campaign:
The team Thanu Digital is always dedicated and professional in offering you an ultimate and best
resolution whenever there is campaign launching requirements.
Monitoring the Performance of the PPC Campaign:
The professional team of Thanu Digital provides top-notch quality services based on the performance
monitoring requirements. Tracking the PPC Campaign is most important to make people understand
your business.
Campaign Assessment:
The team of Thanu Digital services fulfills the assessment requirements and designs the best solution for
the clients. We offer the best class solutions for any of your existing or new PPC account.
Analysis Feedback:
PPC is one type of requirements to concentrate on the growth of your business. Reducing the bounce
rate convinces your customers and help to make the visitors of your brand or services to your regular
Our PPC Services:
Thanu Digital is the top-notch PPC Agency across Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi of
India, Singapore, Dubai, USA, UK, and Australia. We do offer the following Pay per Click services.
Search Advertising:
It is considered to be one of the easiest methods which you can make use of in bringing massive traffic
to your website. You need to set up the ads along with the keywords, number of clicks you need to pay
and other similar factors. Once your ad becomes successful, you will get the number of visitors that you
spent for, and this helps to increase the traffic as well as sales.
Display Advertising:
Do you need an ad which you need to put up? In this case, you can make use of the PPC company
Display advertising services. Being the best and leading Pay per click advertising agency, we ensure that
your ads are put up on the significant and top sites and get ranked in the first position. It is performed
through tracking the individual behavior and then putting your ads where the customers could see
them. You need to pick the Thanu digital display advertising services if you need to raise brand
awareness or in the case you need to retarget your audience.
Remarketing and Retargeting:
There will be few clients who may visit your site but might not have purchased the product or service
due to several reasons. If you need to bring back those visitors and make them your visitors, you need to
pick the Remarketing and Retargeting PPC services from Thanu Digital. This type of ad will enable you to
provide a reminder to those type of visitors about your brand, service or product and therefore this
helps to increase the chances of making the visitors your customers and sales.
Product Listing Ads:
Do you need to increase your ROI? In this case, the service or product listing advertisement never works.
Anyways, if the user is looking for particular services like towing, locksmiths or doctors, then there is a
chance for them to have a look at this type of ad at first. You can make use of these display type ads to
create a unique thing which the visitor sees and can make a click on it and visit your website.
What are the Benefits of Pay per Click Services for your business?
Thanu Digital is one of the frontiers in PPC services across Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mumbai,
Delhi of India, Dubai, UK, Australia, USA, and Singapore. Here is some importance in making use of PPC
management advertising for your business.
Instant Results:
Pay per Click services helps to attain immediate resolutions. Search engines reward advertisers who
make intelligent and significantly focused pay per click management campaigns by charging them low
for each click on their advertisements.
Higher Flexibility:
Search Engine Advertising is one of the best and flexible methods among the different types of PPC
services. When someone checks for a keyword which is found with their advertising business, the PPC
campaigns help the promoters to provide for advertisement situation in the web index’s offered and
supported connections.
Pay only when someone clicks your advertisement:
The advertisers are enough to pay whenever any visitors click their ad. For every one click, a certain
amount of money is deducted from the account. Pay per click is one of the inorganic processes which
offer the best results to produce more traffic and sales for your business online.
Setting your Budget:
You can set your budget to run the PPC ad campaign successfully. The budget is essential, and you need
to bid depending on how fast your instant result should be acquired. If you require immediate results
instantly, then your bidding should be higher. Once your campaign is successful, you can gain more
profit from the campaign.
PPC Target:
You need to target your PPC to place your business in the top position successfully. Running a PPC
campaign online is vital for every business, and this is useful and effective to enhance business growth
easily and rapidly.
How is Thanu Digital Unique from other PPC Management Firms?
Here are some top reasons how Thanu Digital gets differentiated from our competitors in the case of
PPC services.
Ethical Service:
Thanu Digital believes in offering an honest and ethical service to our clients. We also listen to and
respect their goals and requirements. We create the best result-driven and successful PPC strategy and
campaigns which will help our clients to reach their sales and marketing expectations, needs and sales.
Customers First:
The important priority of Thanu Digital PPC Services is to maintain a customer-centric focus and put
them first. We are genuinely committed and diligent to our clients by being polite, respectful, honest,
show up on time, and keep our promises. We go beyond to meet their requirements, goals, and
expectations. We help our clients to reach their goal and success as we achieve success.
Proven Results:
PPC Advertising services can be ineffective and more costly in case if it is not done correctly and
managed properly. However, working with professionals, experienced, reputed and top-notch PPC
agency makes sure that you have the correct strategy and techniques followed to drive the best results.
Experienced Professionals:
Thanu Digital PPC services hold a decade of experience PPC experts and have industry persons who have
knowledge regarding various PPC services, how to put with an effective PPC campaign, how to make the
differences to bring the outcome, what PPC strategies can be used for specific keywords to hold the top
positions, what should be the strategy used to bring customers and sales etc. Our PPC strategies are
proven and will help the client business reach their goals.
Clear Reporting:
The team at Thanu Digital services prepares a report for each client so that they can track their results
and also check out the overall performance and our professionals marketing efforts put over the PPC
campaigns and strategies. We also provide 24/7 access to an online portal where clients are granted
access to check out their reports and stay updates about the PPC Campaigns.
Apart from the above factors, you can also.
Be in the top positions of Google instantly.
Set your budget and we assure 100% confidence that the clients do not need to spend a single penny
Pay only when the visitor clicks on the advertisement and visit your website.
Create your own PPC advertisements and alter it as per the requirements.
Generate immediate sales.
We lower your Cost per Acquisition of a sale or lead and save your penny.
We help to increase your Click through Rate and therefore many customers will click your advertisement
and visit your site.
We help to enhance your conversion ratio.
Some of the factors, our professional experts will evaluate the PPC campaigns are Click Through Rate,
Cost Per Click, Impressions, Geographical Targeting, Impressions and more.
Email us today at support@thanudigital.com Or +91-9962492311.