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War of 1812

War of 1812 *James Madison will become the fourth President of the United
States in 1809 – When he takes office the American people are
upset that the British are supplying weapons to Native
Americans led by chief Tecumseh
* A group of young congressmen, from southern states, will
push for war – They will be called “War Hawks”
*1812 President Madison asks congress to declare war on
* The Americans find out quickly that they were not prepared
for war
*August 1814 the British will capture Washington DC and burn
the Capital and the White House –First Lady Dolly Madison will
refuse to leave the White House until she can take the portrait
of George Washington
*September 1814 the British will attack the important city of
Baltimore – The city of Baltimore is protected by Fort McHenry
* The battle will go on all night – Francis Scott Key will watch
the battle from a British Ship-He will write a poem “The Star
Spangled Banner” after the Americans win the battle
* December 1814 Federalist Congressmen from New England
begin to complain about “Mr. Madison’s War”- They say we
can’t win and we should give up
*December 24,1814 British sign a peace treaty – U.S. wins the
* Federalist Party will fall apart and have no political power
*January 1815 Americans led by Andrew Jackson will crush the
British at the Battle of New Orleans (they do not know the war
is over) the battle ratio 200:1
*Due to the collapse of the Federalist party there is only one
political party –This time period becomes known as the “Era of
Good Feelings”-James Monroe will serve two terms with almost
unanimous support
*The U.S. government begins to build roads and canals to allow
people to move west
* President Monroe tells the countries in Europe not to
interfere on “our” side of the Atlantic- The Monroe Doctrine