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ME 270 – Leon Liebenberg
Quiz 4
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[Select one correct answer]: Deciding between recycling of conventional plastics and developing
biodegradable plastics is a complex issue, because (2)
a. recycling is so cheap.
b. the properties of the recycled polymer will likely be inferior to the original virgin polymer.
c. biodegradable plastics are easy to design so that they will degrade in the intended timeframe.
d. biodegradable plastics are so cheap.
[Select one correct answer]: Which one of the listed materials (a – g) is easiest to machine? (2)
Yield Strength
Strain-toFailure (%)
[Select one correct answer]: What is the significance of the glass-transition temperature, Tg, in engineering
applications? (2)
a. Below Tg, thermoplastics become rubbery and leathery.
b. Where thermoplastics must carry a load, the material for the part would need to have a Tg higher
than the maximum temperature to which it would be subjected.
c. Below Tg, thermoplastics begin to lose their load-carrying capacity.
d. All the aforementioned (a, b, and c).
4. Consider the shown digitally enhanced cordless telephone. Its housing consists of
two ABS shells that are joined with snap fits; a third (much smaller) ABS part is the
hatch for the batteries (on the rear, not shown).
Assuming Newtonian flow, estimate the minimum injection pressure needed to fill the mold for the
top shell. You may simplify the shape as a flat plate: 160 mm long, 50 mm wide and 2 mm thick, and
assume it is injected over the full width from one end to the other. Injection time tin = 0.1 second,
melt viscosity μ = 40 Pa.s. (6)
Estimate the cooling time for the top shell. Clearly state your assumptions. Using the very rough ruleof-thumb that cycle time in injection moulding is approximately 10 seconds per mm part thickness,
comment on the realism of your estimation. (8)
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