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Technological Institute of the Philippines
938 Aurora Blvd. Cubao, Quezon City
College of Information Technology Education
ITE 006 – Database Systems 1 (Oracle 1)
Preliminary Period
Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
Name: Surname, Firstname Mi.
Program / Section:
Instructor: Ms. Roxanne A. Pagaduan
Assessment Task: Quiz No. 3 (Hands-on)
The following questions support the attainment of CILOs:
1. Write SQL statements based on given problems and retrieve data in the database.
2. Compare the use of operators and functions.
Score Equivalent:
No error/Correct Query
1-3 errors
4-5 errors
More than 5 errors/Not running
= 5points
= 3points
= 1point
= No point
1. Create a new email, which will contain the employee id, the first 5 letters of the first name and the
first 3 letters of the last name. Sort the data in ascending order. Do not use Concat Operator ||. See
sample output below for additional character strings and formatting.
Sample Output:
2. What is the date of the next Thursday 10 years from now? Label the column “Future.”
3. What’s the position of “I” in “Oracle Internet Academy”? Label as Position. Use the string “Oracle
Internet Academy” to produce the following output below. Label this column as The Net. Write your
SQL Statement.