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Social Entrepreneurs for Social
Department of Social Engineering
The Department of Social Engineering at RGNIYD was established in 2015.
The department has started offering programmes of study ranging from
Post Graduate Diploma to Doctoral Degree. A two years Master’s Degree in
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is on offer from 2015.
This program was launched by Noble Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus,
Founder of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh. Till date two batches have been
successfully completed and all of them were placed in prestigious
organizations pertaining to social entrepreneurship.This department has
wider range across the country in terms of collaboration with reputed
institutes and organizations, conducting programs and having students from
different parts of the country. The department has setup the Social Business
Incubator (SBI) to support the budding social entrepreneurs in terms of
providing services such as Mentoring, Networking and Co-working space.
Presently, the department is implementing two research projects on Youth
and Entrepreneurship issues.
Masters in Social Innovation and
Master’s Degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is first of its
kind in India is being offered in an institute of national importance i.e.
RGNIYD. The purpose of the programme is to provide students with a
new orientation and way of thinking to organise and lead sustainable
development through social entrepreneurship.
MASIE programme provides extensive use of theoretical components
along with the observation visits, field immersion oriented learning, field
work, internships in reputed organizations related to social
entrepreneurship. This unique combination of theory, practical
exposure and research experience enables the students to shape
themselves as social agents towards promoting sustainable society
through social entrepreneurship.
Anarjarvish Souhaona
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
A person who is concern about society, and aims to bring change by solving social problems,
creating original ideas which provides availability of potentials in oneself. Hence produced
benefits to the society, moreover met their happiness. Ultimately it profits both.
An idea where entrepreneurs provide to people, whereby making use of it by society creates
social impact. The genius availability mind of social entrepreneurs can change the society evil
practice and deeds. Indeed it focuses on solving every problem thereby gradually changes as it
adapt to calm environment because social entrepreneurs for social change is finding solution
to problems. The culture of a society in ancient may considered defiling today's situation.
Therefore social entrepreneur’s priority is something introducing inventive ideas in order to
eradicate the problems. The presence of problems always appears in the midst of a society
and it is inevitable. Without problem there is no solution, no progress. Problems is required, it
adds colors to our life. Life would be bored without problem. The two are contradictory and
goes alternately. Supposing our life carry on continually with enjoyment. The real and actual
meaning of existing will be in vague. The two should moved together to create a lively world
as it is impossible to go alone with one.
Social entrepreneurs come out differently out of their ordinary, normal shells. They hold the
capacity to change the world, better world. Where in each and every individual as well as
society realize one's own ability. It works on evading social problems where fully changes of
the social environment in which each individual's and society benefitted apart from exploiting
one another. “After all, the great consequences we will be seeing through social entrepreneurs
in future".
As I learnt entrepreneurs, I'm a part of change maker. I feel I wanted to change this world
because it's my responsibility. Changing world in a sense where everything seems calm,
understanding, respect, restore the broken and where the world is filled with love. Where
there is positive mind and attitude in the full environment, aware by every person 'it’s my
responsibility to change the world to perfect shape of love.
"My zeal to change myself, give a little helping hand to someone who need, change them
positively, spread more my zeal over and again gradually until I can change this world
Shomrorphi Shimray
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
“Social entrepreneurship are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. The
will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” –Bill Drayton, Leading
Social Entrepreneurs changing the world.
The term Social Entrepreneurship is unseen and unheard in many parts of the world.
However, it is one of the most emerging and demanding in today’s society. When one
say Social Entrepreneurship it’s rather skeptical to define in a simple way. It is
creative and innovative idea that emerges through conscience mind in order to solve
social problem for desirable change. Social Entrepreneurship is the processes of
reproducing the whole idea which were already existed by renovating it with brand
new ingenious ideas in the field of business. This results significant impact in Social,
Environmental, Cultural as well as Economic of individuals and societies who gets
benefit from Social Entrepreneurship.
When one analyzed on creating Social Change, it’s indeed dubious as in no way one
can get the advantageous change in the society. This is to say that in the pursued of
social and environmental change the culture of the society gets washed-out without
even realizing it and vice-versa. And for this reason Social Entrepreneurship occupies
an important role in achieving the said desired outcomes. It has perfectly diverse
advance skill to confront Societal Transformation. In the commencement it applies
comparatively minute interference that however controls to accomplish excessively
considerable consequences. The original incentives are at times hardly noticeable,
nevertheless in excess of instant expand in effectiveness as their manipulation
ultimately accomplishes the position and in the long run attain a gigantic impact.
As a whole to support the given statement “Social Entrepreneurship for Social
Change,” undeniably Social Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in creating Social
Change. It traces impact all the way through thoughts, construction and putting into
practices. It aspires at finest consumption of obtainable capital that transfers into
proximity of advanced production and better yield thus boosting and gathering
society’s requirement. Which contribute to sustainable development for social
Lishini Kapena
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 batch
Social change becomes a burning issue at every country in this 21 st century. Many leader or
thinkers forecast that Social Entrepreneurs as a result for Social Change. It’s a big question to ask
whether it will be possible for social enterprise to bring social transmission. First and foremost let us
understand what is Social Entrepreneurs? In a simple way, social entrepreneur is a process in which
a person uses business technique to create impact or solve the problem of social, culture and
environmental issue through innovative method. Social enterprise can be in the form of business or
private ownership. It can be voluntary or non-profit organisation that happens anywhere or anyplace
with an objective of creating innovative product, service, business model and technology, social,
environmental as well as culture. Dees (1994) define Social enterprises as a private organizations
dedicated to solving social problems, serving the disadvantages and providing socially important
goods that were not, in their judgement, adequately provided by public agencies or private market.
In India, some of the emergent issues are poverty, health, illiteracy, environmental destruction,
human right abuse and corruption. According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) of the
National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), 6.1% were unemployed in India, 195.9 million faced
malnourishment according to 2015-17. Shigeru Aoyogi’s reported at UNESCO Brazil (2017-18) that
12 million of children are yet to enrolled in school and 266 million of adult lies at illiterate category.
Not only India faced the entire above problem, many countries face it in similar way. So to take up
the action and solve it, United Nations General Assembly has set Sustainable Development Goals.
Government of India actively perpetrated at Sustainable development Goals 2030 where it ranks
130 out of 189 countries.
In order to accomplish for better result, Government has encouraged the citizenship in the field of
Social innovation and entrepreneurs in various sector. As a result, through Social Entrepreneurs,
thousands and thousands of people were benefited directly or indirectly in term of health, generating
income, industrial were develop, greater employment opportunities were offer to unemployed youth,
improved higher standard of living, environmental protection activities were carried out, human right
were protected . Indian Council for Child Welfare, Urvashi Sahni, National Institute for career
Service, Impulse NGO Network, Kerala Starup Mission, Aravind Eye Hospital is some example of
Social enterprise which contributes a great impact in the society as well as economic development.
Yes! Social Enterprise has taken the risk and challenges to bring the best solution in different aspect
of life through the collaboration of nation and world-wide. Numbers of new technology and invention
has generated from the space provided by social entrepreneurs. It has also promoted the zeal of
competitiveness in heterogeneous sector and utilise its creativity skills. To initiate activities to
acquire development and change in social and economic, every sector (social, economic, culture
and environment) should go hand in hand If there is no parallel between the opportunity received by
metropolitan city and interior village, the rich and the poor then it can lead to less progress at social
change. Every individual should have the motive at bringing social change moreover protect, love
and care everything around us for smooth functioning and better future.
Echeny Lajeo
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
Social entrepreneurs are the change makers. It is an belly up by start -up companies and
entrepreneurs in which thy evolve or grow fund and bring solutions to social cultural or
environmental issues .
Social entrepreneurs for social change foresees the empowerment of young entrepreneurs in a
inclusive manner to be able to bring positive change in the society or communities through
entrepreneurship and innovative business skills, social entrepreneurship Create a very impact in the
economy as well as in the society where they generate income through their innovative ideas and
skills which they develop and thus provide job Opportunities to those Unemployed. Social
entrepreneurs is the backbone of the society where they innovate new ideas to solve the most
pressing social problems and change people’s life. It is a challenging and emerging course in which
they take a risk in solving the social and economic problems of the society ,It gives an opportunity
where a person can develop or create an innovative ideas to bring positive change and a great
impact in the society. Social entrepreneurs is like a cocoon trying to come out of its husk with much
struggle, there are always ups and downs in the course of time with many failures accompanied by
It Inspite of many hurdles they grabs and seize the opportunities with passion and drive to go after
those solutions to bring positive change in the society.
Talent and intelligence are great, but they mean very little without perseverance thus with passion
and perseverance social entrepreneurs strive towards solving the social problems and create a
better world.
Beliti Pdahsiej
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
"Social Entrepreneur are not content just to give fish or teach how to fish.They will
not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry" Social entrepreneurship
the practice of responding to market failure with transformation,financially
sustainable innovation aimed at solving problem with profit sector. social
entrepreneur gained profit and earning business regarding applying to social
problem solving traditional,social entrepreneur exhibit nonprofit,government and
business. Private sector entrepreneurship focus not only for innovation but all the
risk taking and large scale transformation social entrepreneurship is the power of
new ideas for social change.
Sagar Tiwari
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
Social Enterprise is an organization that works for creating an impact in the society, keeping in mind
about the sustainability for making a long lasting impression in the society. Social enterprise are
emerging these days quite a lot because people are realizing that as a human being we must have
compassion towards all the beings, and as we called ourselves an intelligent social animal because
we all feel connected with the world we are living.
Social Enterprise not only cares about the people but also the planet as a top priority, and then
comes the third i.e. the income generating model that will help the organization to provide his
service to the humanity as well as globe. Through social enterprise, we make sure that the planets
well-being is at the top priority in any field one wants to work. So to achieve the better nurturement
of the planet on 1 January 2016, the 17 (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS) SDG’s were
setup by UNDP (The United Nations Development Programme) at UN Summit on September 2015.
The purpose of the SDG’s clearly defines that to achieve the sustainability many social enterprise
from various sector are providing their inputs to make this world a better place to live.
Deebika Saravana
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
Social change in communities is through entrepreneurship and innovation. A
success entrepreneur can be sustainable social enterperneur. This is through profit
goals generating a positive return to society. The role and Strategies of social
entrepreneurs changes from country to country. To reach goals, as a social
entrepreneur , we can follow the achievement of greatest social entrepreneur which
suit us. Those people helps who are in need . Dr Muhammad Yunus is comes
under this category. The impact is created in culture, society, Economic, Environment.
The effective social change is by gaining knowledge, strategies, experiences, self
confidence and determination. This is a achieved in a year or more than that.
The age is not a barrier. Voice note
Prabeen C.
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
“ Being a social entrepreneur is a balancing act between growing and sustaining a business while
also growing the company’s ability to give back"- Lauren Bush
Social entrepreneurship creates the innovative ideas and techniques to find the solutions for the
social problems. They doesn’t aims to make financial profit, it is the Combination of the non profit
organization or charity organization and profit organization. The profit organization generate
economical value of society and the non profit organizations generates social values in the society.
But the social entrepreneurship has able to generates the both social and economical values,
because the social enterprises give the priority to the social benefits more than financial profit. If
there have any profits, this is used to further social benefits . It’s make the social entrepreneurship
different from the other organizations. Some one see the negative indicates of the Education,
Health , etc … but the social entrepreneurs see the opportunities available in these field, And they
the opportunities in the best way. It differentiates the social entrepreneurs from the other
managerial persons.
Social entrepreneurship is a way to bring changes in society . The profit organizations can’t able
to make social changes in the country because they are profit motive. And they are using the
entrepreneurial skills in making profits for the sustainability. some profit organizations may have
change the world . Jio network is the best example of this, and all the successful organizations
able to change the economy of the country. The non profit organizations or we can call them
charity organization, they focus the solutions for the social problems. Now a days we can see that
these organizations are not able to sustainable with out any donation and some other support.
They are serving the society with the helps of the government and other private donors because
charity organizations not a business they don’t make the profit. Even though the social
entrepreneurship is capable to change the society because they adopting the entrepreneurial skills
and techniques in the charity works. It will make them more sustainable. The social entrepreneurs
mobilizing the funds and utilizing the funds in a productive manner, they charging something from
the society for their service but it is not affordable to them.
Now a days, social entrepreneurship creates more employment opportunities to the marginalized
peoples who have the skill to do and ensure the livelihoods of the society. And some social
enterprises creating the savings mind in our village girls , and some other are working in health
sectors and etc . For the example the Foodshala foundation focused in serving the nutrition food to
the school children’s and Aravind eye care hospital focus on the ophthalmology. Each of the
organizations are focusing different areas of social problems and they introducing the new
innovative ideas again and again for make more social impacts in society.
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Pratibha K.P.
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
Social entrepreneurship, the initiative to face a social problem through some innovative
entrepreneurship ideas. A society where all the people opt a well payed jobs, starting a career in or
entering into the world of entrepreneurship is quite challenging. And when it comes to social
entrepreneurship the scenario is more demanding.
A social enterprise differs from a common enterprise in a way that they never emphasize on profit,
but make profit only for the sustainability of the enterprise. And the same is the distance between
an NGO and a social enterprise, where the later have independent sustainability where as the
former always depend s on the outside fund and sponsors. Thus, a social entrepreneur can make
a greater impact in the society than a social worker. Many practices like impact investing,
conscious consumerism and corporate social responsibility programme etc. positively alters the
success of social entrepreneurs. Every problem in the society can not be fought alone by the
governing bodies or authorities, even if one is ready to do, the services should reach the hands of
needy in the best possible and satisfied way. Social entrepreneurs through their unique and
distinct ideas, choose to see the opportunities in every thing which people mark as just a problem.
We have witnessed the impact of a social entrepreneur in the society through some eminent
personalities like Mr. Mohammed Yunus, one who became the motivation for all the social
entrepreneurs all around the world through his Grameen bank, Anshu Gupta , the back bone of
Goonj foundations, which gave a new life to million of rural woman and children and the list will go
A social enterprise can face and solve multiple problems of a society at the same time stand as a
business model through contributing to the economy of the country. When we look at India, the
social entrepreneurship has multiple roles to play. First and the most important is that any
enterprise of social importance or not, whatever field it may work or it produces, creates a very
good number of job opportunities, which is a most important thing for a country like India. Like that
every social enterprise solve multiple problems of the society under one umbrella.
A better future of the society can be made true through the empowerment of social entrepreneurs
who can work wonders in the process of betterment of a society.
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Abhijeet Khamari
MASIE 1st Year
2019-21 Batch
Social entrepreneurs are suppose to be change makers. They driven less by profit and loss
margins and more by a philanthropic desire to improve their communities, society, or the world as
a whole—emphasize aid to poverty-stricken or otherwise marginalized populations. Social
enterprises often begin with a community- or region-focused idea. They shape the socio
institutional landscape in which they operate. They bring innovation, opportunism and leadership
skills to bear social problems.They are able to bring positive social changes in their communities
through entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas, by providing innovative solution to
economic and social problems they are transforming the communities and contribute to
sustainable development in the region. The examples of successful social entrepreneurship are
impressive. Most famously, the Grameen Bank has shown that social innovation can change even
the most conservative of institutions (banking) in a deeply conservative society (Bangladesh).
Social entrepreneurship takes place in a wide range of disparate fields including education, health,
development, or the environment. In order for social entrepreneurs to create systemic change in
these fields, social entrepreneurs need to create unique services, products or techniques that
solve existing social problems—and in order to be sustainable, they must also make a profit.
Moreover, social entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon. Processes of change are conceived
of, articulated and measured differently across boundaries of socio-cultural, political and
geographical space.
Social entrepreneurs measure their impact not by the increasing size of their organizations but by
their ability to bring attention to and solve problems for marginalized people they’re trying to help.
They have to be flexible with their business plans in order to ensure the business turns a profit.